The Loyal Order first hatched as a studio project several years ago when Jeff Buehner was approached to write a theme song for a regional outdoor hunting reality show. He reached out to guitarist Brandon Cook for a heavy riff, and the result was a song called Off the Grid (Superhuman). It aired regionally in the Pacific NW for two seasons.

A bass player by trade, singing is a new beginning for Jeff. The songs were originally crafted with a different singer in mind, but after laying scratch tracks for the first few songs, the producer (Kevin Hahn) convinced him to lay the final tracks himself.

From this songwriting partnership between Buehner and Cook, the songs began to flow. They soon approached Producer Rob Daiker at The Commune in Portland, Oregon, who has crafted major label releases with Slowrush, The Dan Reed Network, and Royal Bliss.

Ready For Dead was released March 1, 2019 as a single and music video (Bühner Media/Von Artists/The Orchard) and rang up 50,000 Facebook views in it’s first six weeks and now sits with over 1,000,000 views. With the expertise of Thom Haezart (EMP Label Group), the single found a home in Billboard Mainstream Rock’s Top 40, and Foundation’s Top 50.

Rounding out the band is Justin Gibson on guitar, Patrick Young on bass, and Kyle Baltus on the drums. All prominent Pacific NW rock players that have made names for themselves locally and nationally.

The Loyal Order’s debut show was with Puddle of Mudd to a sold out audience at The Bossa Nova Ballroom on September 27, 2019. Buehner and Cook have been featured in magazines such as Sleazerock, The Decibel Report, Metal Talk, KNAC, The Hard Heavy and Hair Show, Bionic Buzz and others.